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Jordan Executive Academy & Consulting is an experienced Executive Agency that helps leaders redefine success and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Connect with us to learn how we can help you and your organization.

Focused Development of Business Leaders


Dr. Beverly Jordan, founder and President of Jordan Executive Academy & Consulting is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in education, leadership, training  & development across multiple industries. With extensive  leadership & training experience in banking, vocational education, non-profit organizations, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and real estate, She holds multiple degrees including an MBA in Global Management and several designations and certifications in Real Estate.


Dr. Jordan brings a unique blend of leadership, education, skills and expertise to the arena of professional education through Coaching and Consulting . She is known for being results oriented through her innovative approach and strategic vision. Her commitment to driving positive change and fostering growth in each individual and every organization she serves is irrefutable. Dr. Jordan's passion for leadership excellence in education and application has proved to be a meaningful impact that sets her and the Academy apart as a dynamic and influential leader, Beacon in leadership education in today's competitive landscape.


Jordan Executive Academy & Consulting coaches clients to help them realize what's possible, both personally and professionally. With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of leaders, we've contributed to countless success stories of individuals within various industries and corporations.
Since 2006, Jordan Executive has had the privilege of providing consultation and expertise to it's client base from a variety of industries. To learn more about all that we have to offer, to learn more, please submit your inquiry below.

Mission Statement
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Our Mission.

At Jordan Executive Academy & Consulting we are committed to the transformative  training and development of emerging  Leaders  who are passionate about their role as  influencers & innovators in their Industry, while maintaining a standard of loyalty & Integrity in the communities in which they impact personally & professionally.

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Vision Statement

At Jordan Executive Academy & Consulting we envision a generation of leaders from the spectrum of Industries that embrace limited-less boundaries with cutting edge skills, resilience, unwavering compassion and commitment to excellence and integrity where leadership isn't just learned but lived, establishing legacies for generations to come!


Our Clients

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